So here are the pictures, as promised! I give you, ladies and gentlemen… Kilauea!

We start our journey at a safe distance from the summit caldera, a field of steaming vents and old lava flows. (Note the shit eating grin)

Next we have a field of steaming vents, which abound all over the top of the caldera area… you can hike around and come within a few feet. It’s very spiffy!

Going a little further, we get to the downwind side of the caldera, where I was accused of attempting to murder Rob. That is SO not true. It’s not my fault the wind shifted and blew the poisonous gas right in our faces.

Funny note… there was a couple there that was also trying to get a better picture of the caldera… I exclaimed, “Wow, take a look at that hydrothermal alteration!” The woman snarkily remarked that I must be a geology student. A STUDENT, madam? No! I am a full-fledged, card-carrying member of that elite society of rock loving geeks!

Moving on…

Here we have a rather backlit photo of an old lava flow with the two types of basaltic lava… a’a in the foreground and pahoehoe in the distance. This is the area where I went “out of bounds” from the official tourist viewing platform and was crawling all over the rocks, even though the a’a is quite sharp and known to ruin your shoes. I was prepared, however… wore some old running shoes… no flip flops for this geonerd! I am all for ruining my shoes, but I would like to keep my feet, thanks very much!

That snarky couple caught up with us here and had some geologist comment that I promptly ignored. I was too busy taking pictures of rocks and jumping up and down on the pahoehoe. Rob stood by the side of the road and shook his head.

As I mentioned previously, the road around the park was closed on the near sea side due to the most recent eruption flowing over it. Damned inconvenient. Here’s a rather bad photo, as we are quickly losing daylight. But there it is, right there on the road.

Here’s another shot, don’t know if you can see any better… and then here’s a heavily flashed shot of me, with the wind whipping my hair in my face, sitting on this flow!

And here is a cool shot of the lava meeting the sea…

Of course, though… the piece de resistance was the shot that I captured on our way back to the car, up the hillside after the sun had set. If you look really closely, you can see the steam coming out of the vents, and the glowing red lava from the active flow!!! SO COOL! The orange in the foreground are some Japanese tourists in their safety jackets (hee hee).

So there you have it… photos from my adventure to… VOLCANO!

I am SO going back there… my friend Mike works at HVO and said… anytime, anytime.

You’d better believe it, Mike! I’ll be knocking on your door in the not-too-distant-future! :grin:

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  1. Karin Says:

    I like lava and steam and stuff. When can I go?

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