…or I actually decide to clean!

You know, I hate cleaning. I don’t see why the chaotic hell that is my apartment isn’t acceptable. But I cheat. I throw it into the “office” with a promise that I will get to it “someday.”

Meanwhile, the rest of the place looks almost livable.

The funniest thing, though, was hauling six months (yes, SIX MONTHS!) worth of recycling to the recycling center. Even the middle-aged gentleman that was there noted the amount of recycling packed into the back of the Jellybean. :oops:

Hey! At least I am doing my part here, people!

Now… if only I had the sort of motivation shown by these cleaning products… I would be kicking ass and taking names!


2 Responses to “HELL FREEZES OVER…”

  1. kartek Says:

    :lol: Brings back memories of when your mail would monopolize the dining room table. I hope you aren’t still getting all those mac catalogs. Those took up so much room.

  2. Bry'n Says:

    It amuses me that you probably spent a good 2-3 days straight setting up this blog, and haven’t posted anything since May. ; )

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